Primary Care

At GoNow Doctors, we believe in providing the highest level of care and service to our patients, and offer primary care services across Alabama.

Primary Care Services:

GoNow Doctors’ primary care services are built upon the principle of caring for each and every patient as an individual rather than treating a series of symptoms or ailments. Because you play a critical role in your own health care, our primary care doctors collaborate with you to achieve and maintain lifelong wellness.

We offer the following primary care services:

  • Basic health and wellness planning. Because we believe you will be healthier if you are better informed, we believe in educating our patients and helping them plan to live long, healthy lives.
  • Routine and annual physicals. Routine physical examinations are the cornerstone of your health, and offer you the opportunity to talk to your provider about any health concerns. Physical exams can also offer the opportunity for early diagnosis of health conditions, allowing you to treat them sooner and more successfully.
  • Sports physicals. Student athletes often need to provide documentation that they are healthy enough to play their chosen sport, so GoNow Doctors offers sports physicals, giving you the assurance and confirmation you or your children need.
  • Shots and vaccinations. We believe it is important to be proactive about heading off illness through vaccinations. At GoNow Doctors, we offer seasonal influenza (flu) shots, pneumonia shots and hepatitis B vaccinations.
  • Female exams including pap smears. Periodic pap smears and exams, available through GoNow Doctors, are important for women’s health.
  • Pregnancy testing. If you think you might be pregnant, GoNow Doctors offers pregnancy testing services to confirm it. Getting tested as soon as possible is important so that if you are pregnant, you can begin pregnancy care and prenatal services.
  • Male exams including prostate and cancer screenings. Men also need periodic exams and screenings. Regular screenings by GoNow Doctors may mean potential health issues can be diagnosed earlier, when they are more easily treated.
  • Confidential STD testing and treatment. If you are concerned that you may have an STD, you can rely on GoNow Doctors for confidential testing and treatment.
  • Laboratory services, including blood, saliva, and urine testing. Because an important component of evaluating your health comes from lab work including blood test, saliva tests or urine tests, GoNow Doctors offers these services in conjunction with other services, or as stand-alone offerings.
  • TB skin testing. GoNow Doctors offers intradermal skin testing for tuberculosis. In the event a test result is positive, we work with patients to determine appropriate treatment plans.
  • Diabetes management and education. Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that affects millions of Americans whose blood glucose (sugar) levels are too high. GoNow Doctors’ primary care physicians are experienced and knowledgeable about diabetes, and we work to educate diabetes patients to help them manage their condition.

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